Currently, more than 35 million older adults live in America accounting for approximately 12.5% of the total population. Estimates project that by 2050, more than 70 million people age 65 or older will occupy the United States. That will account for nearly 25% of the population.

Helping older adults improve the quality, and potentially quantity, of life by providing safe and effective exercise programs and advice about healthy lifestyle choices is an important mission.

A commitment to healthy living counteracts a majority of the chronic health conditions leading to morbidity in older adults. Common afflictions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and emphysema, are less common in persons who choose healthy lifestyles.

As a health and fitness professional, Myles Dias has made a commitment to providing quality fitness programs and personal fitness training for the elderly. Myles is a Master Trainer who holds the designation of Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS) and has years of experience and knowledge working with Senior Citizens. He is the only authorized Personal Trainer for the Kahala Nui Retirement Community. In addition to contracting his services to Kahala Nui he has several clients that he works with at a Private Fitness Studio. Myles also travels to Seniors' homes to provide quality fitness programs. 

He has the knowledge and experience to provide:
  •  Exercise modification for chronic medical conditions.
  •  Implementation of safety guidelines that affect Senior Citizens.
  •  Successful transition from Physical Therapy to Personal Training.
  •  Program designs for Posture, Flexibility, Resistance & Cardio Respiratory training.
  • Core, Balance, and Reactive Training for Fall Prevention.

    Myles Dias Fitness will provide specialized programs to fit your needs! Call or send an email to Myles to make an appointment for your free assessment and evaluation! No better time to find out what level of physical fitness you can achieve!!!

    Let MYLES DIAS FITNESS take you there!

    Credit: NASM Senior Fitness Specialist: course manual-
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