Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Mixed Martial Arts conditioning is probably the most rigorous, difficult training an athlete can do. It requires athletes to fully develop Total Fitness. Total Fitness consists of these five areas: Core Stability and Core Movement, Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Resistance Training (Strength Endurance/Hypertrophy/Maximal Strength)/Power, Balance, and Flexibility. Within these disciplines fighters will develop the necessary stamina required for the sport. It is very important that a fighter has high stamina. Stamina is everything! It can make the difference between winning and losing. Condition yourself well, and you'll be able to go the distance. Myles Dias Fitness can help condition serious MMA Fighters and aid in breaking through any barriers to get to the highest levels of fitness. My certification as Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach with NESTA, my education and background, and integrated training style that includes, core training, flexibility training, cardio training, power training, resistance training, balance training, reactive training and speed, agility, and quickness training, will give you the necessary tools to succeed. For more information on Myles Dias Fitness see the related blogs on the right side of this page. Below you will find a brief explanation of the areas MMA Fighters need to focus on along with my training descriptions. Call me at 808.358.1670 or email me @ mylesdiasfitness@gmail.com to discuss the various training packages and cost.

Aerobic Capacity:
Any prolonged activity requiring oxygen.

Anaerobic Capacity: Any activities that are not dependent on oxygen for proper execution.

Core Stability: The lumbo-pelvic hip complex and the thoracic spine, where the body's center of gravity is located.

Strength Endurance: The ability of the body to repeatedly produce high levels of force for prolonged periods with great capacity for exertion or endurance (both physical and/or mental).

Power: The ability to produce the greatest force in the shortest time.

Muscular Endurance:
The maximum force that a muscle can produce in a single voluntary effort, regardless of how fast the load moves.

Agility: The ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and change direction quickly, while maintaining proper posture.

Balance: Controlled instability

Quickness: The ability to react and change body position with maximum rate of force production, in all planes of motion, form all body positions, during functional activities.

Flexibility: The ability to achieve normal extensibility of all soft tissues that allow the full range of motion for a joint.


  • Training sessions are one hour.
  • All participants must sign an informed consent form and provide payment prior to each session.
  • All participants are welcome to train with me regardless of affiliation.
  • Individual Sessions combine Core, Flexibility, Balance, Strength Endurance, Max Strength, Power, Agility, and Quickness in a progressive format.

Gym Location: 1748 Hoe Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819


Core Stabilization/Flexibility/Balance Training

Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Complex/Transverse Abdominis/Internal Oblique's/Lumbar Multifidus/Diaphram/Transverseopinalis

Value: The body’s stabilization system (core) has to be operating with maximal efficiency to effectively use the strength, power, neuromuscular control, and muscular endurance, developed in the prime movers.

Core Musculature Extreme Movement Training

Latisimus Dorsi/Erector Spinae/Ilipsoas/Hamstrings/Hip Adductors/Hip Abductors/Rectus Abdominis/External Oblique's

Value: Developing the movement system will allow for greater force, proper activation, and timing.

Strength Endurance Training

All Prime Movers

Value: Strength Endurance is the ability to repeatedly produce higher levels of force for prolonged periods.

Maximal Strength Training: 202

All Prime Movers

Value: More motor units, better rate of force production, motor unit synchronization

Power/Reactive Training

All Prime Movers
Force x Velocity = Power
Increased Loads/Speed/Plyometrics

Value: Power training will allow the body to produce the greatest possible force in the shortest possible time.

Endurance, Agility, & Quickness Training

All Prime Movers
Conditioning/Acceleration/Deceleration/Stabilize Body Position/Movement in all planes of motion.

Value: Enhance Cardio for duration, change direction and quick reaction

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Credit: NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training: course manual-3rd ed.