"Empowering my clients to experience a higher level of health and fitness is my passion and the reason why I have made Personal Training / Sports Performance & Conditioning my career. While testimony from satisfied clients is always great to have, the real success and congratulations goes to them. Their hard work, determination, enthusiasm, and positive attitude is the reason why they are winners. "

"Myles is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He started out melding my mind and body and taught me that they have to work together. I am much stronger, confident in my step, my back aches are gone and I have lost 10 lbs. Sometimes I can't believe how far I have come. Most importantly Myles listens and that is an important asset in helping me achieve my goals."

Joyce Almeida/President/Owner/Sunshine Properties

"Working out with Myles has really transformed my body! Although I was a regular “gym rat,” I was stuck in a rut. I did the same 30 minutes on the treadmill and a few crunches every time. Myles started with a thorough fitness evaluation -- including measuring my body fat and calculating my target heart rate – and then he designed custom workouts tailored to my fitness goals. Myles helped me get back my enthusiasm for weight training and pumped up my cardio program. I was surprised by how much progress I made after just a few weeks. The other night I wore my “skinny dress” to a dinner out with my husband, and I know I looked good! But the best part is I have so much more energy now and I feel much stronger."

Dana K./Grant Writer

“Myles patiently guided me along to increase my balance, core strength and cardio. At every plateau, he has guided me to the next level, whether it is to tweak my nutrition, discuss personal roadblocks, or change my interval training. To date I have lost 25+ lbs and look forward to continuing my weight loss with Myles guidance”

Cheryl Eberlin/Business Owner

"Although I am not a professional athlete I am a very competitive one. I played college football at the University of Hawaii and now I have chosen Mixed Martial Arts as my sport to stay fit. I know what it takes to compete at a high level. Myles reminds me of the strength coaches I used to have at UH. He created a program to improve my core strength, which in turn has helped to keep me injury free and get me stronger. The exercises are not run of the mill, and they definitely work. Myles has made it his business to make people better and he is a true professional. If you are a serious athlete or weekend warrior, Myles Dias Fitness can help you reach your goals!"

Todd Woods/Former UH Football Athlete/Mixed Martial Arts Athlete

“What I have truly come to value in Myles is that his approach is simple and tailored to me. He doesn’t just generate an exercise program to follow. He builds understanding and capability to achieve fitness. He took a step by step approach, first developing my core strength and cardio endurance. He introduced simple nutritional principles to promote health and weight loss and finally, included strength exercises to build muscle."

Gary Yoshioka/CEO/Husband/Father

“Through the Myles Dias Fitness program, I've lost 11 pounds. He has taught me how to watch what I eat and to tone my body. I am quicker, faster, and more agile thanks to his SAQ training and I have never been in better shape!”

Samantha Lau/Collegiate Volleyball Athlete

"Working with Myles has been an absolute pleasure. Since working with Myles I have lost 30 lbs. and I know that it is because of his expertise that I have accomplished my goal. Myles has kept me motivated and he consistently challenges me every time. He is excellent in "thinking outside the box." He keeps the workouts interesting as well as challenging. It is without a doubt that I would recommend Myles Dias."

Shawn F./Working Mom

"As an experienced athlete, I can knowledgeably attribute my weight loss, inches lost, and overall increase in fitness and strength to the training Myles Dias has provided. Aside from the physical improvements Myles' training has provided, his positive and motivating attitude are an ongoing source of mental and spiritual energy. He embodies the aloha spirit, is good fun and has plenty pu'uwai. He has my highest recommendation."

Erin Noordooff/Treasurer/Executive Board Member/Hui Nalu Canoe Club